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Friday 23 June 2017
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The Beekeeping Cooperative Association (BCA)

Thanks to Allah, the Beekeepers Cooperative Association (BCA) has been registered and it office is established in 2008 at Al-Baha region of Saudi Arabia. 
The aim of the BCA is to serve for the beekeeping farming of the country for various welfares including:
  • Analyze the honey on different standard criteria
  • Preserve the honey in eye-catching jars
  • Put with high-quality stickers in the Jars
  • Seale the jars to protect for any damage
  • Marketing the honey around the Kingdom
  • Provide the modern tools on subsidies prices required for the beekeeping
  • Provide high-quality queen bee hives in reasonable prices
  • Supervise in establishing the apiaries
  • Advice/ Suggest for the feasible studies/training
  • Provide apiary management and guidance to the beekeepers’
  • Provide apiary at beekeeping sites in reasonable rate or with share in production
  • Provide pesticides and insecticides in less than the market prices
  • Provide food for bees to members in low cost
  • Organize lectures, symposiums, and workshops about bee and bee products which are free or in token payments
  • Hiring vehicles with reasonable prices for honey transportation
  • Provide technical assistance and skill workers whosoever BCA member wants

Communicate with beekeepers and convey them about the bee-related activities around the Kingdom

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